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Monday, September 27, 2010

Whats all the BUZZ about Ama Nation? Is Ama Nation destined to be the BIGGEST launch in 2010?

AMANation is a new industry in the field of network marketing. It has created a lot of buzz of late. AMANation is actually an energy based company which was launched in the beginning of 2010. It is located in Fort Myers in Florida. The company has come up with an amazing plan to help several people overcome the financial crisis that they might be facing in this time of economic crisis. If you are interested in saving money on electricity and if you are interested to earn profit from deregulated electricity then you must learn about AMANation.
AMANation is America Approved energy services direct, it is network marketing affiliated to Public Power LLC, which is a licensed electricity supplier for residential as well as commercial establishments. Public Power LLC provides electricity in many deregulated electricity market. The aim of AMANation is to provide its customers with a number of useful products and services that would help them save electricity. The company also provides the necessary information to the customers to educate them about energy saving. Whether your state has deregulated or non-deregulated market, AMANation offers energy saving products for all market.
AMANation is based on a unique concept and therefore is has been a huge success from the time it has been launched. The reviews for the products offered by this company have been very good. The interesting thing about AMANation is that it offers people an opportunity to invest in highly profitable home based business and electricity deregulation.
For those who join as the members of AMANation can make a lot of extra money. AMANation offers a very good compensation plan which allows its members to receive 64 paychecks in a year which means 12 paychecks in a month. The company offers its members eight ways of earning income out of which four concepts are based on weekly immediate payment and four methods are based on monthly residual payment. The eight earning opportunities offered by AMANation are:
1. New Electricity Customer Acquisition Bonus
2. Energizer Fast Start Bonus Program
3. Binary "Cycle" Bonus
4. Retail Commission on Hundreds of Products
5. Retail Commission On Monthly Energy Use
6. Uni-Level Team Compensation
7. Monthly Share Based Power Pool
8. The Star Super Bonus
So, whether you are looking for a permanent or a part-time source of income, AMANation has the right opportunity for you. To be successful in network marketing it is very important that you invest in the right product. The reason why AMANation products are receiving so much of appreciation is because everybody uses electricity and energy saving products like the ones offered by AMANation are very much in demand.

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