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Monday, September 13, 2010


Energy reselling ishuge business, The deregulation of the US energy sector has created new opportunityfor those interested in making money from home and a company set to be a key player in this new market is Amanation. But while the marketplace is hungry to reduce the burden of the economic crisis by seeking out ways to reduce living expenses and Amanation’s energy services will definately help those struggling to meet the bills, can you make money as an Amanation rep.

Foe those of you already in amanation or considering becoming and Amanation rep I have conducted a review of the amanation compensation plan and provide some essential information that you are going to need to enjoy success. Fist of all lets look at the compensation plan

you can earn in six different ways with amanation with payments being separated into two income types immediate income and residual income

Immediate income is paid weekly and includes the following,

Customer aquisition bonuses. First of all you get paid a $10 commission for every new residential customer and $25 for every new commercial customer you personally sign up. The strength of the Amanation plan unlike other utility based MLM's is that customer aquisition bonuses are not tied to time frames or minimum numbers of sign ups. Simply put with Amanation you sign up a new customer you get paid.

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